PARC's Food Philosophy

We believe food should be an experience. It should delight and intrigue as much as it nourishes and satisfies – a feast for the eyes and the palate. That’s why our chefs work so hard to create inventive, fresh, nutritious, and eye-catching meals, tailored especially for the needs of aging adults.

Delicious Cuisine

To say we eat well is an understatement! Every day, PARC residents sit down to fresh, contemporary dining, along with tasty casual fare that evokes the simple comforts of home. So, what will it be today? The chef-prepared Alaskan sablefish on wild mushroom risotto, served with asparagus, baby kale & crispy leeks? Or how about succulent Alberta tenderloin and garlic-whipped potatoes, paired with a glass of Okanagan Merlot? A hearty sandwich, a light hummus plate – something always hits the spot.

World-class chefs

If our food sounds incredible, it’s no surprise: PARC’s chefs are Red Seal Certified, and they come to us from some of the finest restaurants, hotels and culinary settings. Whether they’re whipping up inspired seasonal menus or special à la carte offerings for occasions like Easter or Thanksgiving, they put their passion, talent and artistry into every creation. We have even won first place in the Best of the West culinary competition at West Vancouver’s Harmony Arts Festival for three years in a row – proving we’re truly a cut above when it comes to dining!

See Our Latest Award:
PARC Retirement Living – Best of the West Culinary competition – Winner 2023


Nourishing and delicious

Our cuisine isn’t just tasty and beautifully plated: it’s nutritious and healthy, too. Packed with body-nourishing proteins and whole grains, our meals are created from the freshest local ingredients and produce, some grown right in our own gardens! For extra-health-conscious residents, we offer PARC SMART entrees, which are portion-controlled, rich in phytonutrients and low in sodium, saturated fat and sugars.

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