PARC fitness and healthy movement

Movement is at the core of PARC Active Living. Seniors who move as part of their daily routine remain physically strong and healthy much longer. Each PARC residence has an onsite Active Wellness Coach who facilitates activities that encourage a healthy and independent lifestyle.

Our PARC Fit program offers a variety of fitness classes to suit every ability, whether the resident is fully mobile, or using a cane or a walker. From chair yoga and pole walking to weight and circuit training, our classes are creative and tailored to aging adults. PARC Fit classes are lively and well-attended; available seven days a week. There’s a class for everyone! Mindfulness and meditation programs round out the wellness spectrum.

The benefits of staying strong, fit and active

Regular exercise is important for strength and cardiovascular health, and is one of the most important healthy aging tips for seniors. Participating in an instructor-led physical activity program can delay a major mobility disability by 25%. What’s more, people who regularly exercise are also less likely to have a mobility disability, and they tend to recover more quickly from injury.

Best of all, it’s never too late to start! We’ve helped many residents adopt a cardio and strength regime. This has resulted in marked improvements in strength, balance and endurance, in as little as six weeks. PARC’s Active Wellness Coaches can also specifically design a fitness program to meet individual needs through one-on-one or small-group training.

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