PARC wellness and emotional support

As seniors live longer, their health and emotional well-being matters more than ever. Our gentle, customized support systems encourage healthy behaviours that can make the difference between a capable, thriving senior resident, and one who needs care sooner. Our onsite Wellness Nurses offer one-on-one guidance, helping residents with whatever they need to feel healthy, confident and fulfilled for long as possible. That could be managing stress, eating right, sleeping well or exercising. We also stage special presentations by visiting experts, such as dietitians, neurologists, transition specialists, certified counselors and psychologists, to give residents deeper insight into all aspects of healthy living.

Boost your brain health

Brain fitness deserves as much attention as physical fitness and nutrition. When combined, all three can boost the mood, reducing anxiety and depression. Cognitive fitness also encourages birth of new brain cells, and an increase in the connection between neurons (neuroplasticity). These changes improve memory, recall and tasks that require executive functioning skills.

With all of this in mind, our brain-fitness program, Grey Matters, gives residents a cognitive workout to boost their brain plasticity. Led by our Active Living Managers, the program uses a thought-stimulating curriculum that challenges the brain, to keep the mind active and healthy. This maximizes memory and cognitive function, and create new neural pathways. Residents love the way it challenges their thinking and memory!

Enjoy peace of mind

PARC residences are equipped to take care of all seniors’ common safety and mobility concerns. With these addressed, our residents are free to live a life that’s worry-free, confident and secure, which translates to greater well-being. These peace-of-mind measures include:

  • 24-hour staffing. The PARC team is onsite and available to assist around the clock, so our residents are always supported, no matter the time of day.
  • In-suite safety features. All of our buildings are thoughtfully designed with senior safety and support in mind. In the suites, fire-safe carpeting and slip-resistant flooring help prevent trips and falls. Grab bars, spacious bathrooms with walk-in showers, wide doorways and open spaces make it easy maneuver, even if you have a cane or walker.
  • Safety pendants: All residents receive a pendant that provides access to 24-hour emergency response and assistance by a CPR-certified team.
  • Emergency pull cords. These are installed in our suites and throughout our buildings. In case of an emergency, residents can pull to dispatch a response team to their location.
  • Video monitoring. Entrances and parkades are monitored to keep the whole community safe.
  • Weekly light housekeeping. To make sure our residents live in a clean and safe environment, this is covered by the monthly fee.
  • Complimentary transportation. Residents can run errands and get around as needed by booking our complimentary transportation service. Our vehicles are spacious and comfortable, and some have been customized and lowered so that residents with mobility challenges can get in and out easily.

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