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Q&A with Rainer Müller, Founder and Chairman of PARC Retirement Living

Learn how a personal experience with his mother led Müller to a purposeful career building and operating inspired living spaces while redefining retirement and aging.

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The Top 7 Reasons Why Seniors Are Calling Oceana PARC Home

A growing number of seniors will call Oceana PARC home in summer 2019. See the top 7 things that make Oceana PARC so extraordinary.

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PARC Retirement Living Proudly Supports the Sarah McLachlan School of Music

We truly believe that listening to and engaging with music is beneficial to your health. That's why it's important for us to support organizations that help people of all ages explore and express themselves through music.

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Real Life Stories: Mulberry PARC, Virginia and Bob

Gardening has always been great joy for Mulberry PARC couple, Bob and Virginia. See how flowers and retirement life bloom for these two.

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Striking a Chord: Centre for Music Wellness Enables Seniors to Tap into the Benefits of Music

Our innovative partnership with the Victoria Conservatory of Music enables seniors to realize the many benefits that music has on aging.

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Are You Ready to Move into a Retirement Residence?

Vancouver certified retirement coach Diana Cawood walks you through this big decision.

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