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Real Life Stories: Westerleigh PARC, Mona

With her twinkling blue eyes and sharp sense of humour, Westerleigh PARC resident, Mona is always up for fun.

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Real Life Stories: Cedar Springs PARC, Henry

Henry's a lifelong skier and mountaineering enthusiast. He now enjoys the mountains close to home at Cedar Springs PARC.

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Real Life Stories: Westerleigh PARC, Dave

Dave’s career as a geophysicist took himself and his family around the globe, and although he and his wife have now settled in at Westerleigh PARC, they are far from slowing down

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Real Life Stories: Summerhill PARC, Sylvia

Sylvia has always been a busy person. But she never could have imagined all the new skills she learned when she moved into Summerhill PARC.

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Westerleigh PARC Throws a Downton Abbey Tea Party

There were elegant ladies and beautiful hats at Westerleigh PARC's Downton Abbey-themed tea party.

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Making Every Day Count at Westerleigh PARC

Westerleigh PARC resident, Valerie is entering her 10th decade and is taking life by the horns. See how this vibrant resident makes each day count.

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