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Bridging the Generational Gap at Summerhill PARC

Friendship, camaraderie and wisdom are shared between Summerhill PARC residents and students from North Vancouver's St. Edmunds School.

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Finish a Marathon in Your 90s? You Bet

At 92-years old, Hariette Tompson is the world's oldest person to complete a marathon. She shows no signs of slowing down yet. And neither should you.

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Senior-Focused Programs Get Financial Support from PARC

We're thrilled to support senior-focused programs like Edmonds Health Watch and Seniors in Active Living.

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All Brawn, All Brains

As the adage goes, you're either all brawn or all brains. Turns out, you can be both according to a study out of Boston University.

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Putting Color into Retirement Living

Art is an integral part of life. And it's more than just pretty pictures on a wall.

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Comfort Dolls Bring Comfort to All

Summerhill PARC resident, Elaine is spreading joy and comfort to over 3,000 children and counting...

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