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Canada flag and PARC Retirement Living

“We all have to answer the call of duty . . . Listening to public health rules is your duty. Staying home is your way to serve. So be smart about what you do, about the choices you make. That is how you will serve your country and how we will all serve each other.”

With these words during what has become a daily address to the nation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated what each and everyone of us needs to keep doing to help the country win the fight against COVID-19. By extension, PARC Retirement Living has heeded that call of duty and is doing its part to support Canada and help flatten the curve.

Summerhill PARC Canada Day parade

Disclaimer: Photo above was taken on July 2019

Proud to be Canadian

PARC’s strong allegiance to our country’s values goes back to when the company first opened its doors in 2001. After seeing his mother flourish in an independent living residence in Switzerland, PARC founder and chairman Rainer Müller brought his own retirement community vision to life with the creation of Summerhill PARC in North Vancouver. Today, the proudly Canadian company owns and operates five independent senior living residences in B.C.

Such patriotism finds its way to PARC residents, who appreciate what the country represents and what it has already overcome. Certainly, the First World War saw 620,000 Canadian men and women serve; the Great Depression brought widespread unemployment and political unrest in the 1930s; and the Second World War claimed some 45,000 Canadian lives. All enormously challenging events that contribute to PARC residents’ national pride and support.

Today the country is once again rallying to bring an end to a turbulent time. Businesses are closed, gatherings are banned and most of us – including PARC residents – are staying at home, all in an effort to conquer COVID-19. As our prime minister puts it into context: “Canada hasn’t seen this type of civic mobilization since the Second World War.”

Cedar Springs PARC employees

United in the fight against COVID-19

Aligning its own COVID-19 protective measures with the federal government’s national strategy and the B.C. Provincial Medical Health Officer’s response, PARC continues to make sure residents and employees are kept safe by observing practices like frequent hand washing, physical distancing and wearing masks in specific work spaces.

Further to that, residents’ families can also help serve the country by following PARC’s pandemic protocols, as outlined in a variety of family communication channels and regular updates:

Parliament building and Canada Flag

“We will come out of this”

Just as Canada pushed through tough times in the past, so shall the country ride out the COVID-19 wave to calmer waters beyond. As Prime Minister Trudeau says: “It is by working together that we will come out of this. It is by remaining true to our values that we will stay who we are as Canadians.”

Likewise, PARC Retirement Living communities are doing everything necessary to support and actively engage with Canada’s guidelines, to make sure all residents, staff and frontline workers come out of the pandemic safe and healthy. To date, all PARC retirement communities remain COVID-free.

Thank you, Canada, for answering the call of duty and making everyone at PARC proud.

A provider of five independent living residences in B.C., PARC Retirement Living’s top priority is the health and safety of all residents, their families and staff. Check back for more coronavirus updates and tips on PARC’s COVID-19 resources page.

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