PARC Retirement Living Partners with the Victoria Conservatory of Music

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Written by PARC Retirement Living

We’re excited to announce our partnership with the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Working together over the last number of months we have created the Victoria Conservatory of Music Centre for Music Wellness. Offering music wellness classes for adults of all ages in our community, the partnership will expand in the future to include a Centre for Music Wellness in our proposed Victoria residence.

Close up view of keys on a vintage piano

“Music has been shown to be an important factor in maintaining the mental, physical and emotional health of adults of all ages, and we are pleased to be able to offer these innovative classes through our new Centre for Music Wellness,” said Victoria Conservatory of Music CEO, Jane Butler McGregor. “The new partnership with PARC Retirement Living and the development of the Centre at the PARC Residence will create opportunities to celebrate the amazing impact of music throughout our lives”.

The concept of a Centre for Music Wellness seamlessly aligns with our larger commitment to reverse the stigma attached to older adults in society today, nurture the benefits of developing multi-generational connections, and create an enriched and fulfilling lifestyle at our proposed residence at Fort and Quadra.

The Music Wellness classes have been developed by the Victoria Conservatory of Music Centre for Music Wellness are currently in their “pilot” phase, being offered as 6-week modules, are 45 minutes in length, and include a convenient drop-in option. Activities include movement to music, improvising through a variety of music instruments, practising team coordination through making music with handbells, creating a group Radio Play or co-writing a new song, and discovering effective relaxation techniques with music.

For more information and class registration visit the Victoria Conservatory of Music Centre website.