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Resident profile

Resident: Donna
: 90-years young
Previous occupation: Elementary school teacher
Hidden talent: Singing
A star is born: Sang her first solo at age 5 in Sunday school
One thing she could eat everyday: Chef Ray’s soup
Words to live by: “Be nice to each other.”
Time at Mulberry PARC: 7 weeks

For anyone who has ever moved, the transition can understandably take time. There’s new faces and new surroundings to get used to. But new Mulberry PARC resident, Donna is taking it all in stride. After surviving a major car accident, this bright and vibrant lady is grateful to be on the mend and is taking a hold of everything that an active, independent lifestyle has to offer at Mulberry PARC.

Donna is already busy with contributing to resident meetings, learning the names of her 150 fellow residents, joining the gardening club and staying involved in her local church. “There’s lot to do here. I really appreciate the flexibility and freedom here because I’ve always been very busy in my life,” she says.

For Donna, the transition to an independent retirement residence has been easy. Her kids are close by and she’s still in the same neighbourhood that she’s lived in for years and has always known.

Read on to see how new Mulberry PARC resident Donna spends her day.

A day in the life of Donna

Mulberry PARC resident Donna enjoying a bowl of soup

“The chef here has a lot of ideas and he covers all the nutritional needs in his recipes. I could eat his soup every day, forever. They’re all different. He’s got a real knack, I think.”

Mulberry PARC resident Donna reading a book

“There’s a nice library here with lots of hardcover books. I’m on my third one already since I arrived. I really like to sit for an hour and read, especially in the sunshine.”

Mulberry PARC resident Donna boarding the PARC bus

“They have a driver service here which is a blessing. They take me to choir practice or church in the morning too.”

Seeing is believing

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