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Resident profile

Resident: Gerda
: 99-years young
Past occupation: “Fast running housewife”
Secret to a longevity: “Fifty percent is your mother’s DNA. And the other 50% is good, healthy living.”
Originally from: Copenhagen, Denmark
Speaks: English and Danish
Favourite sport: Tennis (played until she was 93-years old)
Number of years at Summerhill PARC: 7

At 99-years young, Gerda is a force to be reckoned with. This vibrant Summerhill PARC resident played tennis until she was 93-years old and today, still makes it a habit to exercise every day. From fitness classes like Zumba® Gold and ballroom dancing to working out in the gym, Gerda keeps moving as much as possible. It just may be her secret to longevity.

And with Summerhill PARC located just off a bustling and central Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver, post workout, Gerda can easily hop on her scooter to zip around the neighbourhood to nearby shops and cafes.

Originally from Copenhagen, Gerda has been a long-time North Vancouver resident so moving to Summerhill PARC 7 years ago didn’t require a huge adjustment. “It’s very much like home now. The good thing is you don’t have to cook,” she says happily.

While Gerda regularly enjoys all the delicious cooking available in the Summerhill PARC dining room, she still makes it a habit to fix herself a Danish breakfast every morning for a taste of home.

Read on to catch a glimpse of Gerda’s day at Summerhill PARC.

A day in the life of Gerda

Summerhill PARC resident Gerta pulling a resistance band

“I go to exercise everyday. I don’t get any exercise walking so I exercise in other ways on a regular basis. I do classes and go to the gym. I do a lot of exercise because as I get older, I’m sitting an awful lot nowadays.”

Summerhill PARC resident Gerta knitting

“I’m also in the knitting group. In November, we have a knitting sale for everybody. And all the money goes to charity on the North Shore. The knitting group is probably six or eight ladies. It’s more or less a gabbing class, keeping up with what’s going on.”

Seeing is believing

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