Real Life Stories: Summerhill PARC, Rusty

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Resident profile

Resident: Rusty
Past occupation
: Welding Engineer
Favourite musical: Singing in the Rain
Last book read: House Calls and Hitching Posts: Stories from Dr. Elton Lehman’s Career among the Amish
Philosophy on life: “I do the things that please me.”
Number of years at Summerhill PARC: 6

Summerhill PARC resident Rusty is very much the quintessential kind-hearted gentleman. He has a soft spot for classic movie musicals, particularly the ones with an abundance of singing and dancing from the likes of Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds.

An all-round helpful guy, Rusty is willing to lend a hand if you need it, particularly if you run into trouble with your TV: “I help ladies when their televisions are giving them trouble. You know, they often can’t get the TV on so I check everything out,” he says.

When he’s not extending a gallant hand, you’ll find Rusty getting lost in a good book, watching sports or challenging fellow resident, Peggy to a rousing game of pool. But most often, you’re bound to find Rusty out hitting the road. They say having a car is the key to independence, and Rusty is as independent as they come. With a life philosophy to do the things that please him, Rusty loves nothing more than to hop in his car to go fishing up at Rice Lake or on the Capilano River.

Take a look at what Rusty gets up to in and around Summerhill PARC.

A day in the life of Rusty

Summerhill PARC resident Rusty behind the wheel of his car

“I have my own car, so I can go places. I go fishing up at Rice Lake or on the Capilano River. I also have a lady friend in West Vancouver that I visit twice a week.”

On meeting fellow resident and pool shark, Peggy: “I had been here for four years, and one day I saw this lady playing by herself. I sat and watched. Once I saw that she could make some good shots, I asked if she wanted to have a game. We’ve been going ever since. When we see each other on the second floor, we just reach for the cues, chalk up and go.”

Summerhill PARC resident Rusty taking a shot at the pool table

“Peggy and I enjoy each other’s company because we both play pool at the same level – well actually, I may be a bit better!”

Summerhill PARC resident Rusty fishing

“I do the things that please me. And fishing is my first choice in anything.”

Seeing is believing

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