Real Life Stories: Summerhill PARC, Sylvia

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Written by Christine Thompson

Mulberry PARC Resident Sylvia

Sylvia has always been a busy person — in between raising her two daughters she did lots of volunteer work, and has always kept active. But she never could have known that she’d learn so many new skills in independent retirement living. Sylvia decided to make a move soon after her husband passed away because she “wanted to be around people.” She liked Summerhill PARC as soon as she walked through the door.

Several years ago, as a new resident, Sylvia picked up cribbage and rummoli by watching others play and asking them questions; now she runs the residence’s cribbage group and approaches each new resident to see if they would like to join. Having never used a computer, she asked her daughter to teach her to type, so she could make use of the computer room; now she uses it twice weekly to FaceTime with her great grand-daughter and to write to her family.  Says Sylvia, “I learned I could do a lot of things, not just sit in my room.”

Sylvia loves her suite, the “wonderful staff”, the amenities and the food at Summerhill. “I’m a very happy soul”, she says. And it shows.

That’s how it is at Summerhill PARC: It’s so easy to embrace your interests or start something brand new. And with PARC’s focus on maintaining a healthy body and mind through our Independent Living+ program, it’s easy to see how life’s just better here.

Seeing is believing

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