Real Life Stories: Win at Mulberry PARC

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Written by PARC Retirement Living

Meet Win

Resident name: Win

Moved from: Comox

Number of years at PARC: 6

Life Philosophy: "Make a move while you’re able to. New adventure is good."

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Mulberry PARC Resident Win

A people person through and through, Win knew she didn’t want to live alone, and after her husband passed away, she told her daughters she wanted to move to a senior’s residence. “I thought I had better make a move while I still could, because it’s so hard for kids to decide once you’re unable to do it on your own. They were floored but very happy, and they started looking for me.”

With her kids spread throughout BC and Alberta, the choice of location wasn’t exactly simple. “I have three daughters – one’s in Victoria, one is in Calgary and one is in Burnaby along with a couple of nephews – one of which I’m very close to. So, I thought, ‘well, why not Burnaby?’”

Once her daughters found Mulberry PARC, there was no looking back. “They looked at quite a few places, but they didn’t even take me elsewhere,” Win says. “The staff are just incredible here. They’re just so nice and make you feel welcome.”

Read on for a look at how Win fills her days at Mulberry PARC.

Mulberry PARC Resident Enjoying Painting

A Day in the Life of Win

“Half the time I go down for breakfast and it’s ‘help yourself’ style, so that’s really nice.”

“I usually go to exercise classes. I do that once or twice a day and I make sure I also go for a long walk outside and visit a little bit with the other residents.”

“We have a bus service and scenic drives every Sunday. It’s beautiful in Burnaby. We usually go for a three-hour drive. Yesterday we went to Mount Seymour.”

“We have a couple of good pianos, so it’s very nice to have some entertainment come.
We have a lovely Fraser Room that holds a lot of people for activities and events, and they have quite a few block parties too.”

“I’m in the garden club, and they give us a plot and we plant our flowers and it’s up to us to look after them for the rest of the year.”

“I go painting once in a while, whenever they have it.”

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