Striking a Chord: Centre for Music Wellness Enables Seniors to Tap into the Benefits of Music

in Active Aging

Written by PARC Retirement Living

At PARC Retirement Living, we believe that music plays a big role in active aging. In fact, studies like the one published in the Music Education Research International suggest that making music has a positive effect on the quality of life.

Actively participating in music contributes to an overall sense of physical and mental well-being, slows age-related cognitive decline, provides pleasure and enjoyment, imparts a sense of pride and accomplishment in learning new skills, and creates and maintains social connections.

Last November, we announced an exciting partnership with the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Together, we’ve created the Centre for Music Wellness. The Centre is already providing music wellness classes for adults in the Victoria community and our partnership will expand to include a dedicated space for the Centre for Music Wellness at our proposed PARC Retirement Living residence at Fort and Quadra Street in downtown Victoria.

This innovative partnership enables residents and seniors in the community to gather together to play music and get in touch with the many benefits of music. Classes are offered as a 6-week module and activities include movement to music, improvising through a variety of musical instruments, practicing team coordination through making music, co-writing songs and discovering relaxation techniques with music.

For seniors who have always made music a part of their lives, the Centre enables them to continue to hone their musical talents. And for seniors who are playing music for the first time, the Centre provides a wonderful way to learn new skills while interacting with others in the community.

We look forward to our continued work with the Victoria Conservatory of Music to bring their music programs to our residents living in the Lower Mainland. Many of our residents have a great love for playing music, and dedicated music rooms in some of our residences encourage them to sing and practice various musical instruments.