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Where do you see yourself in the next month? In the next year or few years? Picture a life where you’re as independent as you are now, but better: where you come and go as you please, socialize as much or as little as you like, eat where you want and structure your day however you desire – yet you’re surrounded by friendly faces, activity and inspiration.

You can dine with friends or cook up a solo, night-in-dish. Take a group fitness class or go for a stroll in the garden. Hop on a bus to town or make your own way. Join a club or have a quiet afternoon connecting with family online. All secure in the knowledge that you’re completely safe, healthy and comfortable.

In PARC communities, life is even better than you can imagine. There’s never been a better time to enjoy.


Rental increases will be frozen at the current rate until Jan 1, 2022

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