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Arts and Culture

We truly believe that arts and culture play a big role in active aging. We’re proud to partner with many local arts, music and cultural organizations so that residents can discover, experience and participate in the arts.

Residents painting in the art studio

Art inside our residences

Our Founder and Chairman, Rainer Müller strongly believes that art can powerfully enhance the quality of life and enliven the everyday. That’s why when you walk through any of our residences, you’ll notice that you’re surrounded by beautiful, original art made by local artists.

In addition to enjoying the art in your surroundings, we also encourage you to create your own masterpieces. Art classes and a dedicated art studio at Westerleigh PARC enables you to unleash your inner artist or rediscover your passion for oil and canvas. Many of our residents who have never painted before suddenly discover the joy of painting.

Display of paintings by Westerleigh PARC residents

Musical pursuits

Tickle the ivories on the grand pianos in many of our residences or practice your favourite instrument in the privacy of our dedicated music rooms. You’ll also find resident-organized choir clubs at some of our residences, such as Mulberry PARC. If you much prefer to listen to music, partnerships with local music schools and orchestras enable us to bring the concert right into our communities with live performances onsite. We also schedule regular outings to live theatre performances, concerts and symphonies.

Westerleigh PARC Resident Dorothy playing piano

Our cultural partnerships

We are pleased to partner with and sponsor many local community organizations that have a shared dedication and passion for arts, music and culture. In return, these organizations graciously provide unique experiences for our residents to engage in the arts! Just some of these partnerships include:

The Sarah McLachlan School of Music

Founded on singer and songwriter, Sarah McLachlan’s desire to help others, the Sarah McLachlan School of Music is a safe space for young people to explore music as an emotional outlet and a lens through which they can make sense of the world.

We are thrilled to have students from the Sarah McLachlan School of Music perform at many of our special residence events.

Harmony Arts Festival

The Harmony Arts Festival is one of the North Shore’s most popular community events. The festival celebrates a harmonious balance of visual, culinary and performing arts on the spectacular West Vancouver waterfront. PARC Retirement Living is a proud sponsor of the festival and the annual White Tea Party is one of our most anticipated resident events of the year.

Gordon Smith Gallery

Like us, the Smith Foundation believes that art nurtures the growth of individuals, communities and societies. Art helps us cultivate our creative process, express ourselves and communicate with others. A resident outing to the Gordon Smith Gallery encourages our residents to nurture and develop an appreciation for art.

Polygon Gallery

The work at The Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver expands on its long history of presenting the work of artists who respond to transformations taking place in the world. A resident outing to the beautiful Polygon Gallery at the Shipyards at Lower Lonsdale is a chance to immerse yourself in contemporary Canadian art and photography, and appreciate the modern architecture of the gallery itself.

Lions Gate Sinfonia

Originating on the North Shore, the Lions Gate Sinfonia orchestra has performed dozens of works by Canadian composers as well as well-known classical masterworks. Their programming also includes classical solo vocalists, pop and jazz vocalists and choral groups. We’re so very pleased to have Lions Gate Sinfonia perform at many of our residences.

North Vancouver Museum and Archives

The North Vancouver Museum & Archives’ collection reflects the people, places, events, organizations and communities of the North Shore. The many artifacts on display include logging and shipbuilding tools, mountain recreation equipment, ship models and much more. A visit to the Museum is a chance for residents to step back in time and explore the history of North Vancouver.

Victoria Conservatory of Music

Music has been shown to be an important factor in maintaining the mental, physical and emotional health of adults of all ages. In partnership with the Victoria Conservatory of Music, we have created the Victoria Conservatory of Music Centre for Music Wellness.

Offered as 6-week modules, the Music Wellness classes include movement to music, improvising through a variety of musical instruments, practicing team coordination through making music, co-writing a new song and discovering effective relaxation techniques with music. Music Wellness classes provide an easily accessible way to tap into the benefits of music, engage and strengthen the mind and body, and experience improved memory and self-balance.

Presentation House Theatre

The Presentation House Theatre in North Vancouver’s lower Lonsdale is a neighbourhood cultural hub, providing the community with a dynamic mix of professional theatre, music and dance productions. The theatre helps our residents develop and nurture a life-long love for the theatre with a variety of work that is accessible, engaging and entertaining.

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