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Health and Wellness Support

A dedicated, onsite Wellness Nurse provides you with the understanding, support, information and caring needed to successfully manage your self-care needs. The goal is to help you maintain your independence for as long as possible.

Wellness Nurses promote self-care and independence by providing you with education, information and some short-term medical interventions.


Wellness Nurses are valuable sources of information. The Wellness Nurse is available to teach you self-care behaviours to improve your health and functioning by providing counselling on the following topics:

  • Managing expectations when going for a procedure or test at the hospital
  • Information about dietary changes
  • Education about a new diagnosis
  • Understanding discharge orders from the hospital
  • Fall prevention
  • Influenza prevention including handwashing and vaccination
  • The importance of vaccinations including Shingles and Pneumococcal Disease
  • Education about new medicines and/or inhalers

If physical, emotional or social concerns arise, the Wellness Nurse is also available to observe, listen and direct you to an appropriate healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment.

Cedar Springs PARC Wellness Nurse Cathy with a resident

Short-term medical interventions

For added convenience and support, Wellness Nurses are equipped to handle short-term medical interventions such as dressings and wound care, and can conduct basic testing such as glucose and urine tests.

Access to options to make informed decisions

PARC Retirement Living residences are not hospitals, assisted living or licensed care facilities. However, if personal or health support is required, Wellness Nurses can provide options and information to you and your family about available public and private health services such as home support, physiotherapy, counselling, palliative and hospice care so that you can take a well-informed next step.


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