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Physical and Mental Fitness

We all know the benefits of regular exercise. It’s great for weight control, strength and cardiovascular health. As part of our all-inclusive Independent Living+ program, residents have access to a variety of fitness classes and programs designed to improve strength, flexibility and endurance.

Resident exercising on machine in Westerleigh PARC gym

Keep strong, fit and active

All of our residences have an Active Living Manager on-site who facilitates and promotes activities that encourage a healthy and independent lifestyle.

Regular exercise can and will slow down the deteriorating effects associated with the aging process. Research shows that participating in an instructor-led physical activity program can delay a major mobility disability by 25%. Furthermore, people who regularly exercise are also less likely to have a mobility disability, recover more quickly if they do and are less likely to experience another episode of mobility disability.

Active Living Manager training resident on resistance bands

Some of our residents arrive having not made exercise a part of their everyday life. We believe that it’s never too late to start! We’ve helped many residents adopt a more regular schedule of cardio and strength training. This has resulted in marked improvements in strength, balance and endurance — and can happen in as little as six weeks.

Classes like strength training, chair yoga, pole walking and Zumba Gold help you stay strong and active. Together, these activities help residents measurably and significantly improve their health and brain function. Onsite fitness trainers are also available to work with you on a program tailored to your individual needs.

Active Living Manager leading a fitness class

Boost your brain health

Brain fitness is equally deserving of attention as your physical and nutritional efforts. The direct effects of physical and mental fitness include an increase in the concentration of brain chemicals that create a feeling of euphoria and improved mood, while reducing anxiety and depression. The indirect effects are the birth of new brain cells (neurons) and an increase in the connection between neurons (neuroplasticity). These changes affect memory, recall and tasks that require executive functioning skills.

Our unique GREY MATTERS brain fitness program consists of brain games that challenge the brain and keep the mind active. Brain fitness helps engage and maximize memory and cognitive function, and create new neural pathways. Our Active Living Managers lead the GREY MATTERS program throughout the month, and residents love the way it challenges their thinking and memory.

Our Wellness Nurses are available to further help boost your brain health by supporting you in managing stress, eating right, controlling diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, and offering support on sleep, hygiene and exercise.

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