The proof is in the pudding

Book a tour and sample PARC’s lifestyle for yourself

and book a tour today. Pudding included

Book a tour and sample PARC’s lifestyle
for yourself

If you want to know how things really are at PARC, come and see for yourself. Unlike many residences that over-promise, you’ll find that we deliver on all our claims—a wonderful community, fantastic food, stimulating activities and amazing support staff, not to mention our charming suites and convenient location. On top of that, we’re currently offering your first month rent-free. So why not book a tour and sample things for yourself. Hey, we’ll even give you pudding—just another promise we’ll keep.

Seeing really is believing

Book your personalized tour to discover what independent retirement living at a PARC residence is really like.

What to expect on your tour:

  • A customized private tour of our display suites within the residence of your choice
  • A slice of daily life
  • Chef prepared complimentary lunch
  • Answers to all of your questions

Give us a call

Westerleigh: 604.922.9888
Cedar Springs: 604.986.3633
Summerhill: 604.980.6525
Oceana: 778.294.1115
Mulberry: 604.526.2248

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