Resident & Family Testimonials

Why We Love PARC

Maybe it’s the chef-prepared meals in an upscale dining room, a spacious suite with mountain view or the numerous fitness and social activities. Or maybe it’s simply how staff seem to know everyone by name. There are many reasons why PARC residents love living here, and they’re not shy about sharing them. Read on to see what seniors are saying about life at PARC:

When I read of the many infections and deaths in seniors’ residences across Canada, I consider myself most fortunate to have retired to Oceana PARC in White Rock, British Columbia. The tragic loss of life in other residences must inform public and government actions, based on facts and reasonable discussion. Making decisions in the midst of high emotion is never a good tactic. The good news stories such we have at Oceana PARC can contribute positively to that broader discussion.

We are one of five PARC Retirement Living residences on Canada’s West Coast to date and have had zero transmissions of COVID-19 despite our advanced years.

Our amazing staff, all wearing face masks, look after us well while we practice social distancing – six feet apart. We are served three chef-prepared meals a day in spacious dining halls, choosing company to sit two at each large and suitably distanced table. We travel to and from our rooms via three speedy elevators, taking a maximum of two per ride. 

Daily exercise classes and other activities have been increased so that participating numbers remain within safe boundaries. We are happy and well looked after at the community.

Staff are cheerful and know each of us by name although we now number somewhere in the vicinity of 100. They are paid a Living wage thus work only at a single facility.

We miss visits from children, grandchildren and old friends. However, we are a happy bunch and well-blessed to be living in such a vibrant and safely-run community. 

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Ben Resident at Oceana PARC

November, 2020

I was overseas when the shutdown began in earnest. Luckily, I was able to secure a return flight a week early and return to Summerhill PARC. On my arrival I was escorted to my suite and asked to remain there for the next fourteen days. A sign was hung on my door and each day my meals were delivered and left outside for me to collect so my isolation was no hardship. PARC clearly understood that its residents are the most vulnerable, and acted quickly with the necessary measures. Sanitization, social distancing, reduction of programs, lack of visitors, etc. we all fully understood the need for such measures. As each phase of the shutdown was implemented it was done so in such a manner that it had a minimum impact on all residents. Perhaps more importantly was the training and involvement of the staff who have overcome difficult circumstances to look after and care for their residents, we all owe them a massive bear hug when this is all over.

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John Resident at Summerhill PARC

November, 2020

I have lived at Cedar Springs for 2 years and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Since March this year things have changed a great deal win the onset of Covid-19. I think everyone was apprehensive of what would happen and what changes would occur.

Luckily for us we have a wonderful staff that do all they can to keep us safe and happy. Our building is kept immaculately clean and my family are so pleased that that I’m in such an outstanding facility.

Our meals are very nutritious and are beautifully presented.

I’m so pleased that we are able to go out for walks which I do for about 45 minutes daily. I do miss exercises in the gym but considering what other people are going through – this is a minor problem!

I enjoy conversing with other residents even if we have to be 6 feet apart.

In closing I want to give special thanks to the staff: Earl, Lisa, Jessie, Cathy, Sean, Conrad and Josef: plus the kitchen staff, food servers, cleaning staff and all the great people at the front desk.

Thank-you all for keeping us safe!!!

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Barb Resident at Cedar Springs PARC

November, 2020

There is an old saying that “misery loves company.” I can say that here at the Westerleigh the misery of the current shutdown has been lessened by the concerted efforts of the staff to meet our physical and emotional needs. The misery has been shared and I feel protected and safe. My condo would have been very isolating and not healthy. I use the dining room, exercise room and the theatre knowing that every possible step has been taken to keep me safe and healthy. I feel very fortunate to be here.

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Pat Resident at Westerleigh PARC

November, 2020

These are indeed challenging times – we feel very lucky to have moved here just before. No worry about meals. The table is always set nicely to enjoy a tasty meal. No cleaning lady to worry about. The housekeeping is done and everything is sanitized. And for making this “looked in and looked out” situation so much better we have a super team at the helm. Exercises – painting – discussions and even parties bring fun, laughter and camaraderie into our life.

Mulberry – you are a good place to be!

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Rose & John Resident at Mulberry PARC

November, 2020

More Testimonials

“You just have to listen and join in.”

Dorothy moved to the Westerleigh two years ago from Toronto, and admits it was a bit challenging at first to fit in as an East Coast transplant. But her teaching experience taught her how to connect with new people. Dorothy’s advice? “Pick the people that you enjoy being with and share the same interests with. You just have to listen and join in.”

When she’s not out with newfound friends, Dorothy is routinely out and about exploring everything that her convenient seaside neighbourhood has to offer. With Westerleigh PARC’s close proximity to the West Vancouver Seawalk Trail, public library and seniors centre, there’s plenty to do and every opportunity to enjoy the beautiful West Coast views.

Read Dorothy’s real-life story.

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The power of eight

Westerleigh PARC resident, Bette has been at the Westerleigh since it opened, making the move from Sidney, BC with her husband. The move to West Vancouver brought Bette closer to family and freed her and her husband from the burden and expense of maintaining a house.

On a typical day, you’d be hard pressed to keep up with Bette. One of her favourite resident activities is the weekly bus trip to local events or points of interest. “I’ve learned more about Vancouver since we moved over here than I ever knew existed because of those bus trips. They’re wonderful,” she says.

No matter how busy she gets, one activity Bette always makes time for is meditation. In fact, after she read the book The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart, she gathered a group of eight residents to meditate and practice mindfulness together. “I’ve been meditating for over 40 years. It’s just a wonderful way to relax and to calm yourself down.”

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“We’ve met so many interesting people.”

Dave’s career as a geophysicist took himself and his family around the globe, and although he and his wife have now settled in at Westerleigh PARC, they are far from slowing down. The couple still travel regularly to visit the many friends they made in the almost two decades they lived in Australia. “It’s nice to go on a trip and not think about your house”, says Dave. “Lots of people here at the Westerleigh travel.”

In between trips, and his work with the Canadian Club of Vancouver, Dave found time to start a cribbage group at Westerleigh PARC. The game has been a favourite in Dave’s family for generations, and many residents who have joined the group haven’t played in many years. Dave plans to challenge other PARC residences to a championship and has started an ongoing tournament with his extended family.

Another thing Dave likes about Westerleigh PARC is the people they have met. “There is so much common ground – we’ve made connections and have many things to talk about.” And with all that practice at the cribbage table, the conversations keep on flowing.

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