The True Meaning of Independence

in Independent Living

Written by PARC Retirement Living

Westerleigh PARC seniors enjoying a walk on the seawall in West Vancouver

You might imagine that you – or perhaps your aging parents – will start to consider senior living community options when their health or mobility declines and they’re in need of assistance with daily activities – things like driving, cooking and bathing. But what many people don’t realize is that so many seniors choose to move long before they require assistance. Independent living communities offer countless benefits for seniors who DON’T yet require daily living assistance and are simply looking to plug into a healthy, connected lifestyle in a community of vibrant peers.

The seniors who reside in independent living communities are generally healthy, mobile individuals or couples who are ready to spend their time enjoying more of life rather than filling their days with home maintenance and chores. With their own condo unit in a seniors’ independent living community, they can continue to have their own space while also becoming more active in their community, socializing with friends, enjoying group fitness classes and hobbies, gardening in communal spaces, and participating in community outings and adventures.

PARC seniors enjoying some coffee and talking

Independent Living is Really About the Good Life

Independent living communities emphasize living well. And while there’s often a wellness team available to address specific health issues, the focus is on taking preventative measures to keep health optimal for as long as possible.

At the core of independent living residences like PARC is a foundation of health that comes from eating well, exercising regularly, building strong social connections, and engaging in mental and emotional wellness practices. But ultimately it’s about creating the kind of life you’ll love living as you age – whether that means spending your days pursuing your favourite hobbies or learning something new; socializing with friends or enjoying solo time in your space; dining on chef-crafted meals or cooking in your suite; exploring your neighbourhood or making use of the shared amenities at home. There’s no shortage of options to stay busy and fulfilled.

senior workout group picture at Oceana PARC

With the freedom of choice and control, independent living residents can dedicate their time toward activities that enhance their lives, rather than chores or tasks that take up a lot of time – like cooking, cleaning, house maintenance and yard work. That’s where we’ve got you covered!

Mulberry PARC resident Ali

Go from Average to Excellent

Ali’s story perfectly illustrates how independent living can quickly turn life from average to excellent. When Ali moved to Mulberry PARC about four years ago, he had just gotten out of the hospital and weighed a frail 94 lbs. Now, thanks to a daily exercise regimen, a hearty nutrition plan, and a community of friends and activities to keep him active, he’s a thriving 150 lbs and thrilled to live in a vibrant community. He now enjoys boxing, dancing and playing pool, and he loves focusing on having fun every day.

Ali is one of hundreds of seniors who are thriving in our independent living environments. So if you’re worried that moving into an independent living residence means being surrounded by sickness and poor health, you couldn’t be more wrong.

While some senior communities are a mix of independent and assisted living, in exclusively independent living residences like PARC’s, residents are surrounded by people who are focused on living a healthy lifestyle – and support staff who are there to ensure their ongoing wellness. That’s the kind of environment that can literally boost your longevity – both mentally and physically.

seniors chatting in a suite at PARC Retirement Living

Independent living truly means living out your golden years the way you want to: by controlling your time and activities, keeping mind and body active and focusing on doing things you actually enjoy – every single day.

The best thing about independent living? It can be whatever you want it to be.