Westerleigh PARC

Elegant, refined living at a coveted West Vancouver address

Inviting and refined senior living awaits at Westerleigh PARC. It feels like a continuation of the lifestyle you’ve always had…possibly even better. Live within the well-cultured hub of the community, alongside recreational and social pursuits, boutiques and coffee shops.

Westerleigh PARC is proudly designed and built with sustainability in mind. Westerleigh PARC is LEED® Gold certified.

Real life stories

“You just have to listen and join in.”

Dorothy moved to the Westerleigh two years ago from Toronto, and admits it was a bit challenging at first to fit in as an East Coast transplant. But her teaching experience taught her how to connect with new people. Dorothy’s advice? “Pick the people that you enjoy being with and share the same interests with. You just have to listen and join in.”

When she’s not out with newfound friends, Dorothy is routinely out and about exploring everything that her convenient seaside neighbourhood has to offer. With Westerleigh PARC’s close proximity to the West Vancouver Seawalk Trail, public library and seniors centre, there’s plenty to do and every opportunity to enjoy the beautiful West Coast views.

Read Dorothy’s real-life story.

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The power of eight

Westerleigh PARC resident, Bette has been at the Westerleigh since it opened, making the move from Sidney, BC with her husband. The move to West Vancouver brought Bette closer to family and freed her and her husband from the burden and expense of maintaining a house.

On a typical day, you’d be hard pressed to keep up with Bette. One of her favourite resident activities is the weekly bus trip to local events or points of interest. “I’ve learned more about Vancouver since we moved over here than I ever knew existed because of those bus trips. They’re wonderful,” she says.

No matter how busy she gets, one activity Bette always makes time for is meditation. In fact, after she read the book The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart, she gathered a group of eight residents to meditate and practice mindfulness together. “I’ve been meditating for over 40 years. It’s just a wonderful way to relax and to calm yourself down.”

Read Bette’s real-life story.

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“We’ve met so many interesting people.”

Dave’s career as a geophysicist took himself and his family around the globe, and although he and his wife have now settled in at Westerleigh PARC, they are far from slowing down. The couple still travel regularly to visit the many friends they made in the almost two decades they lived in Australia. “It’s nice to go on a trip and not think about your house”, says Dave. “Lots of people here at the Westerleigh travel.”

In between trips, and his work with the Canadian Club of Vancouver, Dave found time to start a cribbage group at Westerleigh PARC. The game has been a favourite in Dave’s family for generations, and many residents who have joined the group haven’t played in many years. Dave plans to challenge other PARC residences to a championship and has started an ongoing tournament with his extended family.

Another thing Dave likes about Westerleigh PARC is the people they have met. “There is so much common ground – we’ve made connections and have many things to talk about.” And with all that practice at the cribbage table, the conversations keep on flowing.

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