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Independent Living+: Your path to active aging

You’ve spent your entire life taking care of a home. Cooking, cleaning, yard work – the cycle can feel endless. At this stage, you may be managing, but isn’t life about more than survival? Let PARC take care of the chores, so you can go from “just getting by” to living with vibrancy and vitality. Use your extra hours to learn a skill, meet friends, join a club or try a new activity. Plus, you’ll gain complimentary access to our exclusive Independent Living+ program, designed to support senior health and wellness, increase mental and physical fitness and keep you socially connected. The Independence+ program includes:

Real life stories

Residents at PARC Retirement Living enjoy the freedom to live as they choose with all the independence they’ve always enjoyed. They pursue their passions, discover new interests, and remain active and engaged in their communities. Our residents don’t just live, they thrive.

Discovering new passions

Cathy was drawn to the warm and friendly atmosphere she immediately encountered when she stepped through the doors at Cedar Springs PARC. One year later, she’s having the time of her life, along with Shih Tzu, Daisy Mae in tow.

Cathy’s new-found joy for watercolor painting is what keeps her most occupied these days.  She’s even set up a small make-shift art studio inside her suite to paint beautiful flowers and tranquil landscapes which she uses to decorate her suite or send to friends and family as holiday cards.

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Just doing what he loves

An all-round helpful guy, Rusty is willing to lend a hand if you need it, particularly if you run into trouble with your TV: “I help ladies when their televisions are giving them trouble. You know, they often can’t get the TV on so I check everything out,” he says.

When he’s not extending a gallant hand, you’ll find Rusty getting lost in a good book, watching sports or challenging fellow resident, Peggy to a rousing game of pool. But most often, you’re bound to find Rusty out hitting the road. He loves nothing more than to hop in his car to to go fishing up at Rice Lake or on the Capilano River.

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Sinking shots while making friends

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play pool, Summerhill PARC resident, Peggy is your gal. “When I came in and saw the pool table, my eyes sparkled,” she says excitedly.

Having played pool most weekends at her father-in-law’s house, Peggy has grown to be quite the pool shark. Pool is what helped her develop a rapport with fellow resident, Rusty. The two developed an instant friendship based on their mutual love for pool and the two can often be seen sinking balls on the second floor.

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Retirement life in full bloom

You could say that Virginia and Bob have a green thumb. But call them gardening experts, and they’re immediately humble about their accomplishments, including their big win for best overall garden by the Burnaby Rhododendron and Garden Society. Accolades aside, gardening has always been a simple joy and fun challenge for this couple, married for an impressive 69 years.

When maintaining a huge yard got to be too much, Bob and Virginia decided to make the move to Mulberry PARC. But don’t think they put their love for gardening aside. They’re highly involved in tending to Mulberry PARC’s expansive garden patio, making sure plants and flowers stay healthy throughout the winter, and creating beautiful floral hanging baskets in the spring.

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“You just have to listen and join in.”

Dorothy moved to the Westerleigh two years ago from Toronto, and admits it was a bit challenging at first to fit in as an East Coast transplant. But her teaching experience taught her how to connect with new people. Dorothy’s advice? “Pick the people that you enjoy being with and share the same interests with. You just have to listen and join in.”

When she’s not out with newfound friends, Dorothy is routinely exploring everything that her convenient seaside neighbourhood has to offer. With Westerleigh PARC’s close proximity to the West Vancouver Seawalk Trail, public library and seniors centre, there’s plenty to do and every opportunity to enjoy the beautiful West Coast views.

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The power of eight

Westerleigh PARC resident, Bette has been at the Westerleigh since it opened, making the move from Sidney, BC with her husband. The move to West Vancouver brought Bette closer to family and freed her and her husband from the burden and expense of maintaining a house.

On a typical day, you’d be hard pressed to keep up with Bette. One of her favourite resident activities is the weekly bus trip to local events or points of interest. “I’ve learned more about Vancouver since we moved over here than I ever knew existed because of those bus trips. They’re wonderful,” she says.

No matter how busy she gets, one activity Bette always makes time for is meditation. In fact, after she read the book The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart, she gathered a group of eight residents to meditate and practice mindfulness together. “I’ve been meditating for over 40 years. It’s just a wonderful way to relax and to calm yourself down.”

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