PARC Arts, Culture and Socializing

A healthy life is balanced, satisfying the soul and spirit as much as the body. PARC Active Living means partaking in all kinds of enriching programs, from art classes to educational workshops, music, writing and theatre. Activities and cultural excursions stimulate the mind.

Homespun activities like knitting, crafting, cards, choir and woodworking are reminiscent of younger-year pursuits and are staples at all our communities. Socializing and senior companionship has been proven to enhance brain health as we age, and improve longevity. There are plenty of small get-togethers and larger themed events with opportunities to interact.

The Arts at PARC

We believe arts and culture play a big role in active aging. We’re proud to partner with many local arts, music and cultural organizations so that residents can discover, experience and participate in the arts.

Our Founder and Chairman, Rainer Müller, believes art powerfully enhances quality of life. That’s why, when you walk through any of our residences, you’ll notice you’re surrounded by beautiful, original art made by local and Canadian artists.

We also encourage residents to create their own masterpieces. Art classes, and dedicated art studios at many PARC communities, help unleash their inner artist, or rediscover their passion for oil and canvas. Many of our residents who have never painted before suddenly discover the joy of creating art, employing a variety of mediums and painting styles.

Musical pursuits

Tickle the ivories on one of the grand pianos available in each of our residences, or practise your favourite instrument in the privacy of our dedicated music rooms. Not a pianist? Perhaps the nimble strumming of a ukulele will brighten your day. Oceana and Mulberry PARC both offer classes. You’ll also find resident-organized choir clubs at many PARC residences.

Partnerships with local music schools and orchestras enable live performances in our communities. We also schedule regular outings to live theatre performances, concerts and symphonies.

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