Viviane Mueller

Co-Chief Executive Officer [email protected]

Viviane recently stepped into her role as PARC’s Co-CEO, proudly helping guide the organization that her father founded four decades ago. Passionate about people, she is dedicated to his vision of creating vibrant communities where residents come to live well and engage with like-minded seniors.

Viviane joined PARC full-time in 2019 after working on three continents, driven by her curiosity in emerging markets. From managing communications for startups to serving as Director of Finance for a global holding company, she proved herself to be a versatile and capable professional. Making her mark as PARC’s Manager of Financial Investments in the last 18 months, Viviane now steps into the leadership role as PARC’s Co-CEO.

Firmly committed to keeping PARC on the forefront of the senior living industry, Viviane now sets her sights on enhancing the independent, spirited lifestyle at all PARC Communities and cultivating a dynamic employee culture and workforce.