Keeping COVID-19 at Bay

Health and Safety are Still a Priority

We’re very proud that throughout the pandemic, PARC has remained 100 percent up and running by following the most stringent quality health and safety protocols. Residents have been able to count on continuing access to PARC’s extensive roster of activities, programming, and dining services, secure in the knowledge that PARC staff have been taking all steps necessary to protect their health and well-being. We will continue to maintain our fully vaccinated staff status to ensure the highest health and safety protocols should B.C. experience another COVID-19 wave.

Visitor Guidelines & Protocols

At PARC, we serve our most vulnerable population, and we are committed to keeping our seniors safe. Therefore, all visitors to any of our PARC residences must have no symptoms of COVID-19 or any other communicable illness in order to enter the building. Face masks are optional inside the residences in common areas outside of resident suites and dining rooms. 

Visitors are asked to follow PARC’s COVID protocols when visiting any of our locations, including self-monitoring for symptoms. We require all visitors to complete our online General Disclosure Form before entering one of our residences, to sign off that they have no symptoms and have not tested positive in the last 5 days. 

What to Expect


We’re back to all of our residents’ favourite programs and activities:

  • Dining options. PARC residents can host family and friends in designated indoor dining areas, on dining patios, and for meals in their suites.
  • In-suite visits. Whether it’s inside your suite or on your sun-soaked balcony, family and friends are welcome to visit, as long as they are showing no symptoms of COVID-19 and have completed PARC’s General Disclosure Form upon arrival.
  • Public tours. Tours of our buildings, luxurious suites, well-equipped amenity spaces and lush gardens are in full swing! Prospective residents can participate as long as they are not symptomatic.
  • Frequent bus trips to events, activities and attractions. We are continuing consistent outings at full capacity on each tour. See your community’s activity calendar for more.
  • More in-residence events. We offer an enhanced roster of art and culture programs and events at all PARC communities, by various entertainers, speakers and instructors.

PARC Suite and Amenity Tours


Full suite and amenity tours are available at all PARC Retirement Living residences for prospective residents. Tours are by appointment or drop-in. All tour participants must follow our visitor guidelines and protocols outlined above.

We follow several other tour protocols to keep participants safe:

  • Declaration form All members of the touring party are required to sign a declaration form stating they’re in good health and have not tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 5 days.
  • Extra sanitization The show suite and other areas visited are cleaned before each tour. Hand sanitizer is available for visitors to use.

Risk Mitigation


Continuing sanitization
We continue following sanitizing procedures in all PARC residences, focusing on common areas and high-frequency touch points, such as reception desks and elevators.

Mandatory masks for PARC employees
PARC encourages staff and residents to wear a mask if they feel more comfortable doing so. Masks are no longer required for staff, residents, or visitors, unless the individual is symptomatic.

Visitor Information and Requirements


Home support services
PARC is an independent living provider; however, some of our residents may require assistance from home support services. These residents can arrange their support services on a private-pay basis with a third-party provider, or through a funded relationship with the local health authority. These are similar to the services seniors might receive if they lived in their own homes. All care providers must follow PARC’s COVID protocols when visiting and be fully vaccinated.

Indoor dining with friends and family
PARC families can make reservations for resident and family indoor dining options by contacting the front desk. Please continue to follow all visitor guidelines & protocols noted above.

In-suite visits
Visitors are welcome to visit residents in their suites. All visitors must check in at the reception area and complete the general disclosure form upon entering the building.

Resident Services


Social activities and online connections
PARC has been increasing social group programs, events and cultural activities to keep our residents thriving and enjoying their favorite activities. We continue to offer virtual programming, on topics ranging from emotional wellness and mindfulness to arts and culture. We have excursions, events, and bus trips so that residents can enjoy activities such as scenic drives to exciting new destinations.

Health and Wellness Support
Our Wellness team is available to assist residents 7 days a week and can dispatch an emergency response as needed. Each residence has a dedicated, onsite Wellness Nurse who is available to consult on health concerns, including COVID-related issues. If additional personal or health support is required, the Wellness Nurse can provide options and information to help residents and families take well-informed next steps.



COVID Response Content
In response to COVID-19, we have been actively creating content on COVID-related issues to help seniors stay informed and connected. This includes everything from safety tips to recommended indoor exercises, uplifting stories and activities to improve mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Read more on our blog.

What happens if a PARC resident develops COVID-19?
We care deeply about the health of our residents and have detailed safety protocols in place. We ask the resident, and anyone else who has been in close contact with that individual, to remain in their suites where we provide them their meals. If necessary, we would get in touch with the local health authority for additional support. In most cases, the affected resident(s) would ultimately be isolated for 5 days. Any PARC employee who had direct contact with the individual would be sent home to isolate for 5 days under an existing arrangement between PARC Retirement Living and its staff.

How is PARC communicating with residents and their families?
Our goal is to keep residents and their loved ones as informed as possible. We send regular email updates to residents and families. In addition to online communication, our General Managers host monthly resident meetings to communicate changes and address questions and concerns.

What protocols are required for new residents moving in?
Prospective residents can move in immediately after signing. In the first four days of welcoming a new resident to the building, the resident is asked to follow preventative protocols as outlined by the residence General Manager.

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Here's what our residents are saying about PARC

Isabel Warner

Isabel Warner

Mulberry PARC resident

“I’m most thankful that my daughter found me Mulberry PARC where I have met such accommodating and helpful staff. Its location is excellent, and the residents are friendly and kind. Guess I’ll be staying for a while!”



Summerhill PARC resident

“PARC clearly understood that its residents are the most vulnerable, and acted quickly with the necessary measures. Sanitisation, social distancing, reduction of programs, lack of visitors, etc. we all fully understood the need for such measures. As each phase of the shutdown was implemented it was done so in such a manner that it had a minimum impact on all residents. Perhaps more importantly was the training and involvement of the staff who have overcome difficult circumstances to look after and care for their residents.”

Jack & Marilyn Phillips

Jack & Marilyn Phillips

Oceana PARC residents

“From the moment we walked in the door we were greeted by a great sales team. Right from the start we were made to feel special and the entire move was made effortless by the General Manager and the rest of the team. The friendly staff from the front desk to the maintenance have been absolutely wonderful.. without their help the transition would have been very stressful which it wasn’t.”


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