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Health & Safety is our highest priority

PARC is treating the COVID-19 virus very seriously, given the severe health consequences this virus would have on our residents. We evaluate and reassess our health and safety protocols daily after the Federal and Provincial Public Health Officers provide their updates. We’re prepared to implement outbreak-prevention measures to protect our residents and employees in response to these updates.

Here are some of the steps we’re taking to ensure the safety of our communities:

Risk Mitigation


Increasing sanitization
We’ve added extra sanitizing procedures in all of our residences, flagging common areas and high-frequency touch points – such as reception desks (where we have also added plexiglass barriers) for special attention. To achieve this level of sanitization, we have increased our staffing levels and hours dedicated to routinely sanitizing our buildings from top to bottom.

Mandating social distancing
We’ve implemented physical distancing in our dining rooms and common amenity areas. We have redesigned the dining service model to ensure that residents maintain physical distancing of two metres. We have placed physical-distancing reminder stickers and posters in areas where people usually congregate, such as reception, dining entrances, inside and outside elevators, parking garage vestibules, fitness centres, and multi-purpose rooms.

Requiring employees to wear masks
PARC has implemented the mandatory use of masks by our staff to further protect residents from potential asymptomatic and symptomatic individuals. Residents have the option to wear masks.

PARC employees are provided washable or disposable masks to help protect employees in certain positions. The company is mindful of not using N95 masks, which are needed by frontline health care workers. We have also installed plexiglass windows at reception areas to keep both residents and staff safe.

Reducing employee points of contact
As a result of the Provincial Order that employees cannot work at more than one senior residence, or for more than one health care employer, we have also asked our regular, part-time, and casual employees if they would be willing to increase their hours at PARC; so they don’t have to work elsewhere. To ensure the safety of all our residents and staff, we’ve asked employees who have had any risk of exposure to self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days. We have also stopped sharing employees between PARC Retirement Living communities until the Provincial Order is lifted.

Travel restrictions
All residents are strongly encouraged to cancel any upcoming travel plans. Any resident who have travelled internationally, travelled across boarders, or taken a cruise ship to any destination will be required to self-quarantine in their suite for 14 days before accessing any shared amenity spaces.

Visitor Requirements


We have limited non-essential visits to our communities. Anyone who must enter the premises will have to sign a risk declaration, and we have implemented a “single entry” system, so that reception can closely monitor essential visitors and residents who are requesting access to enter. We’re strongly encouraging residents to stay in their residences and go outside for walks only.

Home support services
PARC is an independent living provider; however, some of our residents may require assistance from home support services. These residents can arrange their support services on a private-pay basis with a third-party provider or through a funded relationship with the local health authority. These home support services are similar to the services our residents could receive if they lived in their own homes. To limit the number of care providers entering our communities, PARC went a step further in protecting residents by using a single private care provider with dedicated staff exclusively at each of our PARC residences.

Resident Services


Social activities and online connections
Daily exercise classes and on-going activities have increased to accommodate social distancing. Any remaining group activities have been capped at a maximum of 10 participants; all physically distanced. To keep our residents active, we have added virtual programming from fitness classes to taking art classes. Residents have the option to join social distance group walk led by our Active Living Manager. Bus trips have also increased so our drivers can take residents out for scenic drives with seating 6’ apart.

PARC has launched a “Shared iPad Program” to help residents who do not own a device to virtually connect to their loved ones. Each PARC residence has 5 iPads which can be signed out at Reception and are available in 45-minute blocks. We have allocated 15-minutes in between each booking to ensure ample time for return and sanitizing prior to the next user. Our Active Living Managers are holding technology lessons to help residents get connected online via iPads, laptops to using video conferencing apps.

Dining rooms
Residents can still enjoy each other’s company while practicing social distancing in the dining rooms. We have rearranged dining times to allow for multiple dining sessions to ensure residents feel safe. We only allow two residents per small table and four for large tables. Although it’s difficult for food servers to maintain this distance during their duties, we are following all government guidelines in our dining areas, such as frequent and thorough handwashing, and staff are required to wear masks.

Health and Wellness Support
Our team is available to assist residents 24/7 and will dispatch an emergency-response team to assist if anything were to happen. Each residence has a dedicated, onsite Wellness Nurse to provide consultations on support on health and wellness. If personal or health support is required, Wellness Nurse can provide options and information so you can take a well-informed next step.

Shopping for groceries and essential items
We know it’s difficult right now to obtain essential items such as shampoo, soap, and toilet paper, so we’ve taken extra measures to ensure we have these items on hand, and we’re also helping residents order such products online to avoid busy grocery stores as much as possible. Check out our in-house market where residents were able to purchase essential items for an easy and safe shopping experience.

Employee Safety


Social distancing and safety practices
PARC launched a sticker and poster campaign to help reinforce this practice. Colourful floor stickers have been placed six feet apart in common areas and in high-traffic work areas.

High-touch areas like housekeeping rooms, kitchen doors and gyms have also been flagged with stickers, reminding employees to wash their hands often. More posters advocate washing hands for 20 seconds, sneezing into your sleeve or a tissue and not touching your face.

Added protection
PARC employees are provided washable or disposable masks to help protect employees in certain positions. The company is mindful of not using N95 masks, which are needed by frontline health care workers. We have also installed plexiglass windows at reception areas to keep both residents and staff safe.

Self-declaration Forms
All employees are asked to sign a COVID-19 declaration form weekly that they did not travel to high risk areas, have symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has travelled. If they have, employees are asked to self-isolate for 14 days before returning to work.

Travel Restrictions
All employees are strongly encouraged to cancel any upcoming travel plans. Any employees who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or have travelled internationally or taken a cruise ship to any destination will be required to self-isolate at home for 14 days before returning to work.

COVID-19 Response Content


In response to COVID-19, we have been actively creating content for COVID related issues to help seniors stay informed and connected including safety tips, indoor exercises, uplifting stories, activities to improve mental, physical and spiritual well-being while in quarantine or self-isolation. Read more on our blog at



Does PARC residences have any confirmed cases of COVID-19?
To date, PARC has been fortunate to have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at any of our residences. We continue to work hard at keeping our residents and staff healthy and safe during the pandemic – and we couldn’t do it without the tireless efforts of our dedicated frontline staff.

What happens if a resident at PARC develops COVID-19?
We take a genuine and proactive interest in the health of our residents and would immediately get in touch with the local health authority for direction. The health authority is ultimately responsible for any actual medical care concerning anyone who contracts the COVID-19 virus. We would also immediately isolate any such resident and anyone else who has been in close contact with them to determine next steps. In most cases, residents and contacts would ultimately be isolated for 14 days. Any PARC employee in direct contact would be sent home to isolate themselves for 14 days under an existing arrangement between the staff and PARC Retirement Living.

How is PARC communicating with residents and their families during COVID-19?
In this stressful time, our goal is to keep residents and their loved ones as informed as possible. We send weekly email updates and have also set up a private Family of Residents Facebook page where we’re answering questions from family members in a timely manner, and also taking feedback and suggestions. In addition to online communication, our General Managers have been hosting weekly meetings to inform changes and for open communication on answering questions and concerns.

Can families drop off groceries and supplies for their loved ones?
Residents’ families can drop off essential supplies for their loved ones by calling ahead and setting up a time to make a contactless drop in front of the building.

Can family and friends visit their loved ones?
We’re excited to share we’ll be launching socially distanced visits in our new “PARC Family Meetup Centre” soon at each of our communities for residents and families to meet in a safe environment. PARC Retirement Living will be deploying pod-like portables to each community by mid-May. Each one is a self-contained all-weather structure with windows, heating, and air conditioning. There are separate, clearly marked entrances for residents and their visitors, and inside, a plexiglass shield separates the resident from the visitors. Each PARC Family Meetup Centre will be equipped with sanitizer dispensers and comfortable furnishings. We’ll also have washroom trailers onsite for family members to use. Stay tuned for more updates and how to book a visit!

What protocols are required for new residents moving in?
To ensure safety at the residence, the Wellness Nurse will do a careful screening on the new resident to meet the requirements and sign all declarations. New residents moving in are also required to do a 14-day isolation in their suite. Meals will be delivered outside their suite.

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